Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Great Resource: School Psychology Blog

Check out a terrific blog: School Psychology. It is a very interesting blog by Andrew Livanis as a resource for the LIU school psychology students. Check it out!

By the way, I had some wonderful student teachers from LIU over the years. Thanks!


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NYC Teachers Alert: Some IDs stolen at TRS!

UFT - Some IDs stolen at TRS

This should have been on the main page of the TRS website. Why isn't it? Thank you UFT.org for posting it!


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The Fourth Carnival of Homeschooling is up and

The Fourth Carnival of Homeschooling is up at The Common Room. The Headmistress worked hard and it sure shows! Read and learn! Enjoy!

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Friday, January 20, 2006

NEA's Works4Me

NEA: Works4Me: Works4Me is a free weekly E-mail newsletter with practical classroom tips from the real experts—your colleagues!

I love their Works4Me feed:

The expression, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" certainly applies to teachers. What a sharp bunch of folks! Love smart, don't you!


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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shakeup and Head Rolling in CPS review of Nixzmary Brown's Fatal Abuse

Shake ups are so exciting. The media revels in it! The anticipation of who reigns supreme and who gets to claim ownership of the most recent head rolling is breath baiting:

"Supervisors Are Suspended After Girl's Death - New York Times
Published: January 19, 2006

Six New York City child welfare workers were suspended or reassigned yesterday for their roles in the failed investigations leading up to the death of a 7-year-old girl in Brooklyn. The commissioner of children's services also announced a reorganization of his top aides aimed at improving the oversight of hundreds of frontline abuse investigators..."

Fine, but has any one thought the intelligent move would be to hire MORE caseworkers/social workers/supervisors to make the work load do-able? This is a big town and it is not an easy job!

Unfortunately there seem to be more and more alleged abuses to investigate. Overworked, underpaid, workers are always scape-goated. I'm not able to verify the competence of the social workers or their supervisors. However, it stands to reason that if the foot soldiers are overworked then the supervisors must be also. You can't make a pot of soup to feed 100 people with only 1 cup of liquid...

Streamline the CPS bureaucracy, and increase and support the social workers!

Just my 2 cents worth.


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Step Right Up- The Carnival of Education is in Town!

The Carnival of Education is on the midway and is a rich delight as always! This was a wonderful exchange of information. It's always an honor to be included. Thanks to everyone who submitted entries, and thanks to The Education Wonks, for putting it all together so expertly!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Wake-Up Call: The Mayor Defies the Workers!

The Wake-Up Call: The Mayor Defies the Workers!: "http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/3901976"

Nice post :)

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Why Homeschool: The Carnival of Homeschooling: week 3

Why Homeschool: The Carnival of Homeschooling: week 3
is a terrific resource for homeschooling and standard ed. This issue is definitely worth the read. Enjoy!

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Math Tutorials for the Numerically Challenged that are Fun and Free!

I have often had to come to grips with the fact that my math skills are not quite up to par. Perhaps it is the result of shrinking gray matter that comes with age. However, I prefer to regard it as temporary memory loss that comes with too busy a schedule to take the time to work things out on paper, thus relying too heavily on the calculator on my iPaq for long calculations.

In my quest to brush up a bit, I found that there are quite a few really helpful math web sites in cyberspace. Admittedly, some are way over my head now, but are going to be helpful to many of you and/or your children/students.

So exercise your gray matter and add on!

Abstract Algebra OnLine: A text on abstract algebra.

Algebra Help
Here is a nice site with lots of resources for Algebra. They have lessons, calculators and worksheets.

Basic Math Concepts and Fundamentals
: This site covers scientific notation, metric system, significant digits, graphing, algebra, logs and antilogs, etc.

Basic Math Tutorials
: On this page you will find links to math tutorials on basic math topics authored by students to help others having difficulty with mathematics.

BMCC Math Tutorials: These tutorials are designed to serve as a quick reference and general review source for basic mathematics skills and knowledge. The topics covered within these pages include basic concepts which need to be mastered before further training in mathematics can be undertaken. From this page you can select a link to a general topic, or you can go to the detailed index if you are looking for a specific sub-topic.

CollegeAlgebraTutorial: A simple frame based site with examples and sol8utions for basic algebra.

Cut the Knot!
: This site contains solutions to quite a few challenging problems including the 12 coins (or bags of gold) problem.

Dave's Math tables
: Dave has an extensive collection of math theorems, tables, identities, proofs, and graphs.

Dave's Short Trig Course: A short course in trigonometry.

Dr. Howard Ufigure's Math Tutorials Algebraic Thinking Probability: Dr. Howard Ufigure's Math Tutorials, Data Analysis, Geometry. Try Dr. Ufigure's Simple Statistics Tutorial, or How to find range, mean, median and mode!

Dr. Math Another free help site and like MathNerds won't just work your homework for you! The Dr. Math FAQ answers a lot of the frequently asked questions in math.

Equation Grapher
This is a nice (and free) program for graphing basic graphs. They also have a program that can do regression analysis.

Free Math Help
This is a forum in which you can get help in Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. You need to register, but the registration is free.

Geometric Formulas
Here are a variety of geometric formulas from Dr. Math.

: Here there are extensive links to many math subjects such as algebra, geometry, topos, math online books, etc.

Graphing Calculator
: This is a really nice graphing program. It is capable of graphing in 2 or 3 dimensions and it capable of dealing with all the standard coordinate systems that you're liable to run across in a calculus course. The only drawback is that it does cost, but it's much cheaper than other programs with it's graphing capabilities.

: This site has both help services as well as software.

How do I Compute my Grade?
A really nice page showing you how to basic grade computations. In particular they answer the age old question of "What do I need on the final to get a grade of X?".

How will this help me in "real" life?
: That question is the bane of all teachers. Go to this site to get a jump start in answering this question.

Karl's Calculus Tutor
: This is an online calculus text.

Math.com: A site dedicated to providing revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers, and everyone to learn math. Combining educationally sound principles with proprietary technology, Math.com offers a unique experience that quickly guides the user to the solutions they need and the products they want. These solutions include assessment, on-demand modular courses that target key math concepts, 24/7 live online tutoring, and expert answers to math questions. In addition to solutions, Math.com offers exploratory and recreational introductions to the world of math that will lead to deeper understanding and enjoyment. The range of services, products and solutions offered makes Math.com the single source for all math needs. Math.com is a division of Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.

Math 911: This is a nice program for help in Algebra.

Math Archives: A comprehensive site for mathematics on the Internet: Teaching materials, software, WWW links organized by Mathematical Topics. Searchable database.

Math Education Web Resources
: This is a HUGE directory. Learn about Math with tutorials, calculators, formulas and more.

Mathfiles: Enter the Math Files web site to learn about graphing various mathematical functions. Read about 2-D Graphing, Trigonometry, 3-D Graphing, and Calculus. Visit the 3-D Graph Gallery to view graphs that are complex and interesting to see. Learn the concepts of roots, Sigma Notation, and Pascal's Triangle.

Math for Morons like Us
: I'm not thrilled with the title of this web site, but it is a good site. Have you ever been stuck on math? If it was a question on algebra, geometry, or calculus, you might want to check out this site. It's all here from pre-algebra to calculus. You'll find tutorials, sample problems, and quizzes. There's even a question submittal section, if you're still stuck. A formula database gives quick access

Math Goodies: Free math help, interactive math lessons, homework
: Features interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, message boards, and newsletters.

Math Mojo: As
Professor Homunculus says, he is "helping people understand basic math and think in effective, useful ways. Perfect for beginners, students, parents and teachers."

MathNerds: A free math help site. They won't do your homework for you. They will ask you to tell them what you've already tried and what you don't understand.

Mathematics Help Central
There are a variety of lecture notes on this site.

Mathematics Tutorials and Problems (with applets)
: An interactive site to explore topics in mathematics through free tutorials and problems with answers.

Math Planet: Math Planet is web site dedicated to the advancement of mathematics. Targeted towards high school students, there are many different categories, including Basic Algebra and Geometry, advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, SAT and ACT.

Math World
: Here is an online math encyclopedia.

Mathematics WWW Virtual Library: "An Internet-wide collection of mathematics related resources, hosted and maintained by the FSU Department of Mathematics."

Online Glossary of Technical Notation: A glossary for mathematical notation.

Paul's Online Math Notes: I am particularly impressed with this site created by a teacher for his students. It is loaded with "cheat sheets" and "tables" in .pdf format. Class notes for every lesson in html and pdf format.

Peanut Software: This is a nice collection of free programs. Included are programs that will do basic statistics computations, discrete math computations, matrix computations, graph geometric figures, graph fractals, and a general function grapher.

Print Free Graph Paper
: A variety of graph papers that you can print for free. This is another source of graph paper that you can print for free. There aren't as many kinds here as the previous link, but these include headers for you to put information.

Professor Symancyk's Lessons
: A great set of Algebra lessons.

: This site is a great site with lots of resources and links relating to Algebra.

S.O.S Mathematics
: Information about a large variety of topics from Algebra to more advanced math course.

S.O.S Math Forum
: S.O.S Math's forum for getting help for a wide variety of classes. In order to post a question you'll need to register, but it's free.

Statistics at Square One
: An online Statistics book.

The Free Information Society
: This is an excellent site devoted to free information. They have lots of information and you should check it out if you get a chance.

The Mathematical Atlas
: gives descriptions of math of the the various areas of modern mathematics.

The Math of Geography
: This site is about how mathematics is used in geography. To study and understand geography requires a knowledge of certain mathematical skills. It has examples of situations in which math and geography are used together. There is a problem solving section. Students can solve real and creative geography problems using mathematics.

Vector Math Tutorial for 3D Computer Graphics
: This is a tutorial on vector algebra and matrix algebra from the viewpoint of computer graphics. It covers most vector and matrix topics needed to read college-level computer graphics text books. Most graphics texts cover these subjects in an appendix, but it is often too short. This tutorial covers the same material at greater length, and with many examples.

Please respond with any other sites you think are useful for math!

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Hey UFT - Lesson Plans for the 37 1/2 Minutes- Fact or Fiction?

A good post with interesting comments from NYC Educator: Another Great Unity Victory, points out how "up in the air" this horrific contract item really is. There has been no one official willing to step up to the plate and state exactly what the facts are.

I too have heard the buzz. So far, to me it is just buzz, nothing concrete. There are just rumors running wild. Rumors are not good for anyone!

With this black hole of a contract item, thousands of teachers would appreciate a concise, publicly posted official response from the UFT President Randi Weingarten and Chancellor Klein spelling out exactly what the 37 1/2 minutes is mandated to consist of.

This is easy to clear up. The UFT and NYC DOE just have to come clean, then let the teachers deal with it, whatever it is. Enough spin. Please give everyone clear specifics.

Inquiring minds want to know:

  • Are lesson plans required? Yes or No?
  • Are specific teaching materials going to be supplied?
  • When will teachers know who they will be tutoring?
  • Exactly how many children will be in each teacher's group?
  • What will be the schedule for students who need tutoring in reading and math?

Would any one who has the facts with documents to back them please respond? Official web pages for everyone's reference would be perfect.


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Friday, January 13, 2006

Tips For Successful Online Instruction

Online education is all the rage now. I've taken a few online courses, at the International Webmaster's Association, and found them to be really great. A sample tour of their courses can be seen here. The freedom online courses is wonderful but must be tempered with serious dedication, or you are just spinning your wheels bound for nowhere.

Student satisfation with a class is mainly dependent upon the structure of the online environment, materials used and the skill and approach of the instructor (student commitment is an obvious given.) If you teach online, or are thinking of doing it, you should take a look at this free ebook, 834 Tips For Successful Online Instruction, sponsored by WebEx. (WebEx creates solutions for organizations worldwide to meet their goals for marketing, sales, training, and support.)

I personally do not believe that online education is the end-all for everyone. There is an intangible element to a "live" class that is not possible online. The spontaneity, the human mental chemistry so to speak, of discussion in a literal classroom is not possible online. However, for those who are a bit timid in face to face classroom discussion, online courses provide the opportunity to think out your comments carefully, before responding. In some environments lurking is easy, and students are left to their own devices to participate at length or not.

There is a large dependency on self direction involved in online education. Students must have the self discipline to make sure they comply in all areas to ensure maximum success. I have seen many folks treat online courses very laxly. There is the "no one is really watching me" attitude that less dedicated students which causes them to skim over basic ground work necessary for higher learning. Establishing a firm committment to the course(s) is critical. The benefits reaped from active participation is a collaborative experience that will serve students well into their professional careers in today's high tech society.

Whether or not you like the idea of online education, it is here to stay. See this article: Online College Courses Increasingly Popular, by Andrea Moore. Lifestyles are becoming too harried and the cost of living keeps going up. Some people hold two or more jobs, are busy raising children (or caring for elderly parents,) and have little time to travel to school to advance their careers. Fortunately for them, they can work from home or anywhere they can get online and take the courses they need for their path to greater success. You need to make sure you are not forking out your hard earned money to an uncredited institution, or at the worst a useless, fraudulent diploma mill. So do your due diligence and find a legitimate online school at which to teach or study.

Virtual classes that are set up for everyone to be online at the same time, as on a physical campus, with whiteboard simulations and real-time chat make participation more engaging. Today, most college courses require students to email assignments and questions to professors, so it is not too big a jump for the students of the millennium. For less computer savvy folks, it takes a bit of a learning curve, but worth the effort.

The online environment also offers the obvious benefit of collaborating with a vast network of global students, which otherwise would never be possible. As an educator it offers a wonderful feeling of professional satisfaction, to be able to empart your knowledge and insight to such a geographically diverse student population. As a student, you get to share ideas with peers who bring greatly varied backgrounds to to the discussions. Online study groups are fascinating!

For professionals interested in making online education a professional discipline you may want to look in on an organization called WAOE. I've belonged to this international association, WAOE (World Association for Online Education) for many years and have found it to be a wonderful consortium of educators from around the world, who collaborate on discussion and research in best practices, on wide range of global online education projects. Due to time constraints lately, I mostly lurk and absorb knowledge from the discussion list, but I highly recommend this wonderful virtual community. There are quite a few well known educators in WAOE, but the membership roster is only available to members, so no name dropping, sorry.


WAOE is an international nonprofit public benefit corporation (NPO), a virtual association of educators working to turn online education into a professional discipline."

WAOE is definitely worth checking out!

I downloaded the ebook, 834 Tips For Successful Online Instruction, and it is nice little ebook (71 pages in .PDF format) for instructors of online courses. Adobe Reader is necessary. To download a free copy click here: Adobe Reader Download - All versions. The price of the eBook and the Adobe Reader program can't be beat- FREE!

Source: eLearning Guild: "FREE E-Book "834 Tips For Successful Online :: Distance-Educator.com's Daily News :: Technology, Teaching, News, Research

Published on Thursday, January 12, 2006 - 10:05 PM PST

The eLearning Guild announced the publication of a free e-Book titled "834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction." The tips were compiled from a survey the Guild conducted in 2005 resulted in the submission from 336 e-Learning professionals.

"I was amazed by the degree to which comments from hundreds of contributors converged into a set of coherent professional knowledge," said Bill Brandon, Senior Editor. "For example, contributors identified four instructor skills as critical to success; as far as I am aware, no individual writer or consultant has previously highlighted just these four skills. In the same way, the responses illuminated four selection factors that every manager of e-Learning must consider before assigning an instructor to a virtual classroom. This is an amazing accomplishment by our contributors."

"As organizations offer an increasing number of classes online, many traditional classroom instructors face the challenge of adapting their skills and techniques for the virtual classroom. '834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction' offers an extensive set of best practices that will prove invaluable for e-instructors," said Jack Chawla, Director, WebEx Training Center. "Loaded with practical advice from experienced e-Learning practitioners, this e-book will be an indispensable addition to any training professional's toolkit."

So if you haven't taken any online courses, now is as good a time as any to jump onboard the Information Super Highway and get up to speed. In previous posts I discussed a number of sources of free online classes. You can get your feet wet there and then move on to bigger and greater endeavors!

If you are currently teaching onine courses please share your expertise!

Whether you are a teacher or student, fasten your seat belt and hit the pedal to the metal. You're on your way!

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Tutoring Plan Draws Fire at City Schools - Is Anyone Surprised?

Well, the instructional non-6th period" is creating quite a ruckus around town. Gee, vague wording in a contract bull dozed past membership, and chaos as a result. Is anyone surprised? Not me!

From today's NY Times:

Tutoring Plan Draws Fire at City Schools - New York Times:
"Tutoring Plan Draws Fire at City Schools

A provision in New York City's new teachers' contract that will require struggling students to stay for 37½ minutes of after-school tutoring is causing confusion and drawing fierce complaints from many parents and educators across the city.

The irregular schedule, which goes into effect early next month, will cut 10 minutes from the school day for students who are not offered tutoring. Critics say that it will disrupt after-school programs, add millions to the cost of busing children, throw private car-pooling arrangements into disarray and interfere with private enrichment activities like religious instruction or ballet, which students have been attending since the start of the school year.

The contract provisions begin with the start of the spring semester. The tutoring would take place Monday through Thursday in groups no larger than 10 students to a teacher. The city has mandated that 290,000 of the city's nearly 1.1 million students attend the tutoring, and 40,000 more have been asked to attend voluntarily, city officials said yesterday.

All of those students and their parents have been notified, officials said, but many parents of children not selected for tutoring have yet to get letters explaining the new schedules.

Some schedules remain to be determined. Principals and teachers can vote for modifications, and officials said that 130 schools had decided to switch tutoring to mornings, before the start of the school day. At Intermediate School 61 on Staten Island, which has an extensive after-school arts program, the principal was working to shift some arts activities to the morning.

The biggest hurdle involves busing. About 170,000 students are bused to and from school, and the city will have to spend millions to add extra routes to accommodate staggered dismissal times. Those routes are still"

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Carnival of Education is in Town- Yippee!

From Jenny D. The Carnival of Education has arrived! This week's offerings are as interesting and as varied as ever. Great job Jenny- Thanks for all the hard work!

So much to read... So little time...


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Saturday, January 07, 2006

The 2nd Avenue Deli Closed... Oy veys mir!

Oy veys mir! The unimaginable has happened!

The has closed it's doors!

After surviving the tragedy 10 years ago, that took the life of its founder Abe Lebewohl during a robbery, the final blow comes hard. New York City's outrageous rental rates have taken another victim, The 2nd Avenue Deli!

December 15th marked the final day of Ratner's, and now Katz's is the last bastion of an era.

My parents went there...
Specials or Chicken Fricassee, Mom:Whole Roasted Spring Chicken)
My extended family went there...
(Gefilte fish to
Chocolate Babka and Parve Cheesecake)
My friends went there...
Matzoh Ball Soup, Knishes - Assorted, Halvah, Miniature Danish, and Black and White Cookies)
I went there...
(My Husband=
Potato Pancakes, Me= Pastrami club)

Katz's is good, but the memories are on 2nd Avenue:

Can Mayor Bloomberg help? He managed to save CBGB(click to read article in NewsDay) - Perhaps he could step up to the plate here. A lot of New York City registered voters hope so!

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Contract implementation woes? E-mail UFT.

The new UFT contract with the New York City Department of Education is frought with implementation battles.

Loose wording has left miles of push room for administrators to wiggle more than the UFT leadership expected. Chapter leaders are even unsure about many issues. So, if you find yourself in a questionable situation, the UFT has set up a contact route for you here:

Contract implementation woes? E-mail us.

I personally think a dedicated contract phone line would be more helpful, but I don't have a say in how leadership spends dues.

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I Love to Look. You Know You Do too!

I love to look at live web cams of distant places, as well as functional/purposeful local cams like traffic cams. My first live cam was the Georgeson Shareholder Liberty Cam. This shot of the Statue of Liberty is live from the Manhattan offices of Georgeson Shareholder. I was thrilled to see a live view of boats etc. I was hooked. Now I have a massive cam list bookmarked for all of my usual traffic routes.

Long story short, I found a great web page on
Opentopia of Random live webcams from the Net:

"These webcams were found automatically through a variety of clever search techniques. Their owners might or might not have intended for them to be public. But they obviously are. Many of them are security cameras in companies or semi-public places. If you hover over the picture you'll see what location information is available. If you click on it, a window will open and you can see a live video feed, plus comments and ratings and other information. 1364 webcams are available as of last scan."
Aside from the obvious couch potato travel excursions, there is so much more to get from these cams. Application to the home classroom is multifaceted. Take a virtual look at locations being studied in class: Settings of books, geography, map and culture studies, all in real time. See daylight in the US and night in Australia. Check out the traffic before you head off to the mall. See what the weather is like before you even get on the plane for your cross country flight!


Hey, if you know of a good cam (not the adult kind,) respond to this post and add it on!

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What Is Your Animal Personality?

This quiz was posted on Alarming News. Interesting- try it out!

What Is Your Animal Personality?

Take this quiz!
brought to you by Quizilla

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!


May you all have a happy, healthy and safe New Year
filled with wonderful memories!

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