Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Guidance Counselors- Not Just For Struggling Students Anymore!

Bobby Pham of www.jobprofiles.org referred me to the following article (snippet below,) which I find rather interesting.

Back in my day, the only students who went to the Guidance Counselor were those who needed program changes, were "referred" by teachers or Deans, or who needed college admissions help. The rich kids had their own private shrinks, the ones with really big problems had their juvi parole officers.

Today, the modern health conscious high school student (yes, there are some,) has another reason to go to the guidance counselor- for guidance! Peer pressure, being worse (if possible) than in my day, leaves teens in quandries where parents and friends are not necessarily the student's preferred sources of information. Stress causes various physical and emotional problems, and so the wise student seeks to remove stress wherever possible.

Enter the Guidance Counselor. For more on this topic read on:

44 Reasons to Listen to Your High School Guidance Counselor

Published on Friday January 5th , 2007

"Whether you realize it or not, you local high school guidance counselor plays a very important role in your life. Not just as a counselor, but as a life guide. They instill stability within the high school student's path of life, and also provide a much-needed light for their path. High school guidance counselors are truly the eyes and ears for students for every preparatory educational institution."

www.jobprofiles.org is a good starting point for information on careers, and job seeking, maintaining and advancement.

When you are ready for more information, try these links:

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At 2/16/2007 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more Janet, looks great, thanks!

Bobby Pham


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