Thursday, February 01, 2007

Battle Over School Bus Service in New York - New York Times

Way to Go Bloomberg!

Children first? According to Bloomberg?

Does = ?

Put the tiniest, most helpless children on public transportation- and in the freezing cold. I guess this is why Mayor Bloomberg felt he was the best person in NYC to be in "complete charge" of the NYC Dept of Education. He has done such a great job, that it the DOE) needs to be completely revamped again, or should I say reinvented (as in the wheel) again. The money this city has dished out to reinventing, and reinventing, and reinventing, instead of taking what works and building on it is disgraceful. The company that was selected by Mayor B, with tax payer money, did some bamboozle of a job on our children. I hope they get letters in their files!

Yes, you guessed it, the children are, as usual, not first.


Battle Over School Bus Service in New York - New York Times

Published: February 1, 2007

"It seemed like an easy way to save millions of dollars: consolidate yellow school bus routes so New York City was no longer paying for buses for hundreds, if not thousands, of children who never actually rode them.

But when the plan — engineered by private consultants hired to rethink the city Education Department’s finances — went into effect this week, halfway through the school year and in the bitter cold, it left parents raging at Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

“I think they’re in their own little bubble-world,” said Jennifer M. Larrea, a substitute teacher from Flushing, Queens, whose son, Kevin, 11, is being denied yellow bus service because he lives too far from a school bus stop. “It’s not just that you can catch the 1, the 9, the 2, the 3,” she said, referring to Manhattan subway lines. “In Queens that’s not an option.”

Let's compound the insult by not even sending notification home in the parent's native language, and you have cold, indifferent treatment of students and their parents. Kind hearted Mayor Mike. Please fix this travesty.


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