Saturday, January 07, 2006

The 2nd Avenue Deli Closed... Oy veys mir!

Oy veys mir! The unimaginable has happened!

The has closed it's doors!

After surviving the tragedy 10 years ago, that took the life of its founder Abe Lebewohl during a robbery, the final blow comes hard. New York City's outrageous rental rates have taken another victim, The 2nd Avenue Deli!

December 15th marked the final day of Ratner's, and now Katz's is the last bastion of an era.

My parents went there...
Specials or Chicken Fricassee, Mom:Whole Roasted Spring Chicken)
My extended family went there...
(Gefilte fish to
Chocolate Babka and Parve Cheesecake)
My friends went there...
Matzoh Ball Soup, Knishes - Assorted, Halvah, Miniature Danish, and Black and White Cookies)
I went there...
(My Husband=
Potato Pancakes, Me= Pastrami club)

Katz's is good, but the memories are on 2nd Avenue:

Can Mayor Bloomberg help? He managed to save CBGB(click to read article in NewsDay) - Perhaps he could step up to the plate here. A lot of New York City registered voters hope so!

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At 1/09/2006 5:23 PM, Blogger NYC Educator said...

Wow. I was just sitting with someone at lunch today who complained of paying 17 bucks for a pastrami sandwich.

Now it's a classic, I guess.


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