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Welcome to Tammy's MATH ROOM

It was my great fortune, many years ago (no I won't say how many) to connect with a brilliant and talented gal from Quebec named Tammy the Tutor. She recently found my contact info on the Internet and called me to catch up on life. Talk about a blast from the past!

Long story short, Tammy the Tutor (aka "Piglet", the "Mathster") used to write articles for my newsletter at (The Education Companion) on Mathematics. This multi-talented woman has not been spinning her wheels. She has created an awesome web site with provides online tutoring in math, with her special approach of having her students teach themselves- by learning math as a language. Yep, remember, I said she is brilliant! All content of the MathRoom Lessons are the products of her awesome gray matter.

So now please...



Meet the Mathster

The MathRoom Mathster, also known as Tammy the Tutor, Porkchop, Tammy Bee and other names unmentionable on this site, knew at age 9 that her mission for this incarnation was to teach -- not only math -- but subjects as varied as Sinostrology (Chinese Astrology), Star Gazing, Taoism, Mushroom Picking, Catalpa Tree Appreciation, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Song Writing and Comedy. Yes, comedy! She was actually paid good money one summer to teach young women how to make fools of themselves. What a gig!

She studied teaching methods at MacDonald College of McGill University, then went on to a Bachelor of Arts at McGill and finally a Masters in the Teaching of Mathematics at Concordia University in Montreal. (Tammys CV)

Since the 60's, Tammy has taught math to High School and C├ęgep students in the Montreal region and Sept-Iles on the North Shore of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Amongst other things, during the 60's and 70's she played an integral part in the Montreal folk music scene as a performer, concert organizer, and record producer. She worked closely with the management teams for both the Yellow Door (longest running Coffee House in Canada) and Back Door (now defunct) Coffee Houses.

In the late 90's and again in December 2005, Tammy edited, wrote and recorded dozens of math modules for The Academy of Maths and Science -- a franchised tutoring service based in Toronto. She wrote a book entitled "Mathways Volume I: Pre-Calculus Math" covering Algebra, Euclidean Geometry and Analytic Geometry which has been transformed into the MathRoom Lessons. She is now intent on sharing her knowledge of math with the masses -- not on paper in book form -- but through the Internet -- in electron form. "Let's share the math and save the trees" is her current motto.

She has run an "in-person" tutoring service from her home since 1998, churning out math students who no longer need her because they know how to do math on their own.

Amongst the personalized services she offers her students are Cheat-Sheet Info Lists and Course Tool-Boxes -- like Readers' Digest condensed versions of math courses.

Read the MathRoom Mission, and her articles if you want to know more.

PLEASE check out her work. You will be hearing a lot more about this dynamic woman!

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