Monday, January 16, 2006

Hey UFT - Lesson Plans for the 37 1/2 Minutes- Fact or Fiction?

A good post with interesting comments from NYC Educator: Another Great Unity Victory, points out how "up in the air" this horrific contract item really is. There has been no one official willing to step up to the plate and state exactly what the facts are.

I too have heard the buzz. So far, to me it is just buzz, nothing concrete. There are just rumors running wild. Rumors are not good for anyone!

With this black hole of a contract item, thousands of teachers would appreciate a concise, publicly posted official response from the UFT President Randi Weingarten and Chancellor Klein spelling out exactly what the 37 1/2 minutes is mandated to consist of.

This is easy to clear up. The UFT and NYC DOE just have to come clean, then let the teachers deal with it, whatever it is. Enough spin. Please give everyone clear specifics.

Inquiring minds want to know:

  • Are lesson plans required? Yes or No?
  • Are specific teaching materials going to be supplied?
  • When will teachers know who they will be tutoring?
  • Exactly how many children will be in each teacher's group?
  • What will be the schedule for students who need tutoring in reading and math?

Would any one who has the facts with documents to back them please respond? Official web pages for everyone's reference would be perfect.


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