Sunday, October 16, 2005

SPIN: "NYSUT praises UFT contract agreement."

"NYSUT praises UFT contract agreement." October 3, 2005. Media Relations and Communications. New York State United Teachers.

Questions for reflection:

Does anyone plan ahead?

Do NYC teachers really want to lose all they worked so hard to gain in the past 35 years?

Is UFT leadership getting something we don't?

NYSUT praises these give backs and lack of pay. UFT leadership claiming any gains in past contracts, does not begin, in even a small way, to justify this demoralizing proposal. Why are they destroying the job security, careers and quality of working conditions for the teachers who work so hard to pay their outrageous salaries?

Is Randi planning to slip over to NYSUT or AFT right after the vote?

What has happened to the skill of reading comprehension and lessons of labor history?


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