Thursday, October 06, 2005

England's Teachers' TV :: The TV channel for everyone who works in schools

While surfing the blogs I came across Little Miss Teacher's post on Teacher TV. What an awesome resource, and FREE!

I just used Windows Media Player to watch a "streaming" teaching video called
Teaching Place Value This is the first video in a series of four videos on numeracy. There are additional resources and support materials right on the web site. What a great resource! You can watch teachers teaching- with commentary! How great to be able to work on one's professional development at home or school, all FREE. Use a computer and voila!


More info from their web site:

"The website contains channel information, teaching resources, and full-length streaming video of all our TV channel programmes. There are currently 464 programmes available to download."

Teachers' TV :: The TV channel for everyone who works in schools

This service launched in February 2005. It has evolved into a full fledged resource for free educational programs covering almost all major content areas. Along with a great search feature, videos/programs are categorized by level.

Teachers' TV offers the unique opportunity to see how other teachers teach by letting you into their classrooms.

The Channel is divided into three Zones.

The Primary and Secondary Zones offer advice and guidance for National Curriculum subjects as well as roles and responsibilities.

The General Zone has news, documentaries and a broad range of programs for all those working in schools and anyone interested in education.

Viewers will be able to see:

* Examples of good practice
* Innovative teaching ideas
* Resource Revives dedicated to rating the latest resources
* Documentaries on important issues in education
* News bulletins
* Recordable resources made by the BBC and Channel 4 for use in the classroom.

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