Wednesday, October 05, 2005

On-Screen vs Hands-On Dissection

Endless Faculty Meeting had a wonderful post about classroom dissection prompted from this article in the New York Times:
An On-Screen Alternative to Hands-On Dissection - New York Times

There are pros and cons to dissection in class, but from the point of view of a gal who got really sick in high school during the procedure, I can appreciate the virtual experience. An interesting web site: Dissection by Animals Australia (the Australian arm of the Australian and New Zealand Federation of Animal Societies) offers compelling points.

A web site with links to other Frog sites is Exploratorium

When I ran a technology lab in the NYC school system, I used a now discontinued program called Operation: Frog by Tom Snyder. By today's standards it was rather limited, but was one of the first programs to show layering. Aside from the obvious physical issues involving dissection, it also provided a financial savings for the science department in years when there was no science lab and the procedure was impractical.
There is a great online free program called Virtual Frog Dissection Kit which offers versions in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Portuguese! This is part of Computer-Enhanced Science Education: The Whole Frog Project

A Google search on "dissection" provides a wealth of online resources! Enjoy!

Thanks to Endless Faculty Meeting for picking up on this!

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