Friday, October 21, 2005

Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, now Flock?

Yes, I admit it, I'm hooked on FireFox. I left the Internet Explorer fold and converted to the Mozilla FireFox camp. I'm not alone- read
Firefox Hits Download Milestone, where it details how "FireFox reached the 100 million download mark, hitting that milestone less than one year after the software was first introduced."

I fell in love with the myriad of extensions freely offered by the open source FireFox devotees! Oh, the extensions! Tabbed browsing, light and easy on my system. Google search tools, Blogger integration, RSS/XML plug ins, Editing extensions, side bars... oooooooooh, I tingle from it all.

Then in April, the unthinkable happened! Security exploits were made public. Now my safe haven of Internet bliss seemed to come crashing down upon my cyber self, dashing my delusionary world of browser safety that until that moment was Firefox.

But alas, all good things come to an end. Reality steps up to show it's ugly face and now my guard is back up. I'm still in love and am unable to part with my dear Firefox. However, an article: PC Magazine: Flock To Offer More Social Web Browsing purports a new browser on the block to offer not only new security but better integration of perks- including blogging,, and Flickr. Flock apparently is not ready for the general public, and is making it's debut with the brave souls willing to grapple with crashes and snags just to be in on the development stage ground floor. Well the Flock Developer Preview is now available.

So, will I give in to temptation? Will I just make a little secret download to play around on the sly?

What do you think? :)

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