Tuesday, September 12, 2006

THEWEBLIST.net | what people are clicking on today

What sites are active right now? What is going on at digg.com, del.icio.us or news.google.com, newsvine, reddit, furl.net, shoulwire.com, wired.com, fark.com, theregister.com, metafilter.com, news.com, and dzone.com? Find out right now. Click here:

"What is THEWEBLIST.NET all about? Well it gives you a digest of the latest links other web users are visiting right now! The site pulls RSS feeds from some of the best web 2.0 sites to create a webpage full of interesting info! Where did I get the idea? Well this site is based on the extremely popular popurls.com, basically all the credit for the idea should go to the guy who designed this site (Thomas Marban) because its amazing. However I do want to try and improve the site, and overtime I will be adding new features to the website taking in your comments and suggestions. I just love the idea of having loads of up-to-date information right at your fingertips, its great!"
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