Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Day 1 and Really Almost All is Well...

Well the phone calls, instant messages, and emails have been flooding in and mostly everyone is overwhelmed, again, by the demands and tomes of beyond belief non-negotiables of administration, in addition to just trying to get students settled in and classes running smoothly. This means, that you are not alone!

Do what you can do for now and the rest will fall into place. Remember that unfortunately, cosmetics rule. Supervisors who walk into neat classroom with the required bulletin board stuff, etc. are more likely to move on quickly, and go harass someone else. So make sure you put some solid effort on your room presentation.
Above all, take deep breaths, smile as often as you can (it is good for your mood) and make time for your own brand of R&R. Keep up your energy and take time to smell the roses, enjoy family and friends, read a book....

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