Monday, September 04, 2006

A Healthy, Safe and Successful School Year to All!

I want to take this post to give ever teacher stepping back into the classroom a great year!

Your task is daunting, and as usual, you will teach your hearts off. Teachers are:
  • caring
  • parents in absentia
  • psychologists
  • mediators
  • planners
  • expediters
  • referees
  • cheer leaders
  • consolers
  • way over worked
  • underpaid
  • Dedicated -Worthy - and Deserve Respect...

We salute you!

As you enter the teaching arena, keep your eyes open, and at meetings, keep your mouth shut- unless you really know that your opinion is sought. Usually no one in administration cares about anyone's opinion unless it mirrors theirs. Remember that most of the petty little memos are not really from your supervisor- it is all trickle down stuff from Tweed and your Region (in that order.) Go with the flow. Just close your door and do your job.

Remember: The Know Nothings are great at pointing fingers and compaining about how teachers are not good enough, fast enough, smart enough, and professional enough. So next time some fool points a finger your way, think about who they really are and where they are really coming from before you go home and lose a dearly needed night's sleep!

Teachers are special and the smart folks know it. So take your vitamins, read great books, enjoy your weekends and holidays, get enough sleep, and have a great smooth school year. You deserve it!

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