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A Teacher’s Year, a C.E.O.’s Day: The Pay’s Similar

Amen. The UFT leadership should read this. It would help them understand how badly they betrayed membership. Then again, we need to remember that leadership does not have much time served in the classroom, so it is understandable why it is hard for them to relate to the frontline soldiers real jobs. If leadership does not respect teachers, it is easy to see how lack of respect for teachers and what they do gets transferred to the general public. Kudos to Mr. Herring for seeing past it all!

A Teacher’s Year, a C.E.O.’s Day: The Pay’s Similar

Published: September 3, 2006

"Enough already on how many millions this or that chief executive earns, how many stock options are tossed around to keep the Champagne flowing, the McMansion dusted, the Bentley polished.

As a little back-to-school thought, let’s shift gears to a group of workers who earn pennies in comparison but who, it could be argued, play at least as vital a role in society. It is teachers, after all, who try to make sure that those captains of industry have educated workers.

According to the American Federation of Teachers, the state with the highest average pay for teachers in 2003-04 was Connecticut, at $56,516; the lowest was South Dakota, at $33,236.

Or look at it this way: Pick a corporate chieftain — say, Jeffrey R. Immelt of General Electric. He earns $15.4 million a year. Every single day — including Thanksgiving and Christmas — he makes almost what the average teacher does for a year of taming wild children, staying up nights planning lessons, and, really, helping to shape a generation."

UFT MEMBERS- remember this next time you vote!

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