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BETRAYED by Randi Weingarten and UNITY! This was totally unnecessary until Randi sold everyone out:

This site is for use by current UFT EXCESSED STAFF ONLY

Note that you gave up your job security for a few cents by voting in the contract Randi pushed. Remember this photo of Randi kissing Bloomberg? Touching isn't it?

Sites for those seeking teaching positions now:
Note this tactful "paid double" ad by the NYCDOE for NEW teachers- ("NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED") after excessing experienced teachers.

ALERT: There seems to be a new crop of web sites that want you pay and join in order to view job openings. Be cautious- caveat emptor!

Closing thoughts: Randi Weingarten, you are really something. What? I leave that to those whose lives you ruined to say...

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At 9/05/2006 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, a "no layoff" contract tht guarantees every teacher a job, even in excess. You want to show me another contract, anywhere in the US, that provides the same protection. Maybe you can explain why you are pretending that excessed teachers need a job, when they guaranteed a job, even if they do absolutely nothing to obtain a position through the open market.

At 9/08/2006 4:52 AM, Blogger An Educational Voyage said...

Hi "Anonomous". Thanks for your comments.

Well, let's see here...

These are the words hot off the UFT web site:

"Excessing Rules = No-Layoff Provision
At the May Delegate Assembly Randi mentioned that one of the things we gained in our new contract is that the excessing clause is a virtual no-layoff provision. Up until now we have downplayed this gain, waiting for the contractual language to be fully hammered out. "

.......Still waiting? I bet these excessed teachers are not overjoyed with those words.

"Excessing Rules: Right of Return
The UFT and DOE are in dispute regarding the right of return for those in excess."

.......Still in dispute? Those same excessed teachers most likely are not jumping for joy at those words either.

The above should have been clearly worded, hammered out, set in stone, etc.,etc., etc., BEFORE telling membership to trust leadership and vote yes. The old contract was volumes better that this sell out- give back, complete loss of everything, especially respect, contract, that teachers have worked so hard for over the decades.

As for the micro-management win issues- the mountains of must-do's shoved down teachers throats this week debunk that so called contract win. The walk-through lists are enough to make a skilled, highly competant, mentally normal, logical thinking teacher vomit. It is clearly a catalyst to create negative letters in files- which, now can not even be grieved!

These excessed teachers, most probably excessed due to reorganization, are doomed to permanent sub status. Why? Because the "hiring freeze" that was going to be in place to allow the excessed teachers opportunity to find permanent positions, was pulled by Klein. Add to that the fact that the Principals do not have to take anyone on the excessed list, and the DOE itself has mandated that anyone applying for fellowship jobs must not have any NYCDOE teaching experience since 2002. THE DOE has no intention of allowing these teachers to get back on payroll as permanent teachers. Is it possible that a teacher with connections can get another appointment, I sure they can. However the poor average Joe and Jane Teacher will not fare the same.

It is real easy to be ok with things that you personally are not effected by. I will bet though, that some of these excessed teachers voted yes, with foolish greedy eyes, and now are in the bed they made. None of them would have voted for this contract if they knew this would happen to them. They trusted leadership to back a contract that was clearly written. Not one riddled with loopholes and give backs that would put them in this position. I think those excessed teachers would wish you (who is saying how lucky it is to be "non-layoffs?") a career of nothing but substitute status, to be thrown around at whim, and tossed aside. I'll bet you would not consider yourself lucky, but rather betrayed- perhaps in need of a regular job like they used to have? So, see, they do need to find a job. A job they can build a career on, count on, and support a family on. Roving substitute life is not a huge career builder.

Since I have not seen "another contract anywhere else in the US" I can not make comparisons. However, my mother always told me that, if a friend jumps in front of a train, I should think for myself and not blindly follow and jump infront of a train. UFT contracts were hard won over decades, leaders went to jail for what was right, and this leadership just threw it in the toilet in one slick move. This contract was all givebacks. There was NO financial gain. It didn't even come to a real cost of living increase. Cost of living increases are not productivity items. It is a COST of LIVING adjustment. Period.

Randi was way out of her league in this negotiation and should have called in more powerful negotiators. She knew early on that she could not protect her members with the current team. Leadership simply waved a white flag and surrendered like cowards without a fight. Randi's contraxct set the stage for liquidating the union. The only word for it is "appalling." I'm sure Al Shanker would have had a more colorful word for it...

Let's face it, you will continue to say how wonderful and fair this contract is and how terrific leadership is. I respectfully reserve the right to disagree on these issues. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

Thanks again Anonymous. Have a safe, easy school year- I assume you are a teacher in the UFT. If not, have a great year anyway :)


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