Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Home Schooling is All the Rage Now-A-Days!

An interesting article in the New York Times explores the lure of home schooling. Not only are parents who are unhappy with public education turning to home schooling, but the wealthy are having their cake and eating it too:
"The Gilded Age of Home Schooling - New York Times
Published: June 5, 2006 (New York Times)

In what is an elite tweak on home schooling — and a throwback to the gilded days of education by governess or tutor — growing numbers of families are choosing the ultimate in private school: hiring teachers to educate their children in their own homes.

Unlike the more familiar home-schoolers of recent years, these families are not trying to get more religion into their children's lives, or escape what some consider the tyranny of the government's hand in schools. In fact, many say they have no argument with ordinary education — it just does not fit their lifestyles. More..."
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