Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bloomberg vs UFT- Again...The Saga Continues!

The Bloomberg battle colors are flying against the UFT again.

Did anyone see this coming? Those on Mars may not be up to speed on this one, but the rest of NYC knows the upcoming drill. See my post: Proposed Contract- Death Knoll for UFT- Ms. Weingarten RESIGN now! Monday, October 03, 2005

Given Weingarten's proven track record of contract negotiating skills this blogger has barely a glimmer of hope for fair play.

What will the future hold?
  • Will Randii improve on her past performance?
  • Will the teachers wake up and smell the rot?
  • Will the teachers teach all of July or all of August?
  • Will the teachers be signed up for 24 hour school?
  • Will they be changing diapers in addition to potty duty?
  • Will they be cooking and serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack in addition to lunchroom duty?
  • Will our teachers be required to learn how to drive school busses?
  • When it is all over, will Randii land a kiss on Bloomberg again?

Well, let's just sit back a watch this one fly...


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