Thursday, October 27, 2005

NYsee: A Google Map Mix of Streaming Traffic Cams!

Yesterday I posted about a Google type program to locage registed sex offenders: . Today I bring you another marvel of technology this time from Alkemis. This is a kick a$$ program which gives you updated traffic reports for NYC and vicinity using the Google Maps (with hybrid option) with web cams. Now, let yourself go and imagine this program going country-wide- Sweet!

Bring some great visuals to geography by utilizing the Google maps with the hybrid option (satellite overlay) to help students grasp scale, color and orientation to their own neighborhood. Hold the mouse down and drag the map to view more an another direction. This is a fabulous way to bring geography to life in the classroom! There is so much you can do with it!



[Tested in Windows (IE6, Firefox1.0.4, Netscape8.0.3.3, Opera8.5) only. HTML/CSS standards go out the window too.]

Posted by seanisthegood posted on the Attack of the Show blog.

From Alkemis :

"Google Maps with NYC Live Traffic Cams, Yahoo Traffic News and A9 Blockview Photos. AJAX gone wild, gotta love it.

The traffic cams are not live video, a more accurate description would be live streaming images (some refresh faster than others). And we know, some images are not live at all, but hey it's not our job to fix the cameras.

Google, Yahoo and Amazon all working together, kind of makes you want to cry."

With this and a mobile laptop, with moblie satellite or spiked hot spot access, you can visually plot your path avoiding all the annoying time killing problems that get in the way of a zippy drive around town! Perhaps not too practical for the masses, but still very cool.

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