Friday, September 15, 2006

FREE Teacher Digital Workshops

Calling all teachers!

Brush up, learn something new, and get it for FREE!

FREE Teacher Digital Workshops from The U.S. Department of Education's Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative: Supporting Success is an effort to assist our nation's teachers through digital workshops, roundtables, regional in-person workshops, a national Research-to-Practice Summit, and electronic teacher updates. The Department is providing an unprecedented $5.1 billion in federal funding to support the teaching profession and is committed to listening to and learning from teachers.

Participating in the Teacher-to-Teacher online video courses is free. It is just another way the U.S. Department of Education is supporting teachers to achieve the goals of the No Child Left Behind Act.

The Teacher-to-Teacher workshops are geared toward K-12 teachers and their principals. While the emphasis is on reading, writing, mathematics, and the use of data, there are also offerings in art, history, science, and behavior management. It is expected that additional courses will be added at regular intervals.

While the emphasis on reading, writing, and mathematics will continue, there will be an expanded focus on other areas of need such as school leadership and foreign language.

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