Thursday, December 01, 2005

UFT Surprised? - RE: Unions and City Spar Over After-School Tutoring - New York Times

Unions and City Spar Over After-School Tutoring - New York Times

NYC Educator blogged on the above article, and this was my reaction:

I believe with all my heart that Randii Weingarten, our "Sell-Out Randii" is not a bit surprised. After all, she pulled out every possible stop to make this happen even though the UFT clearly payed very close attention to all of the opposition issues voiced BEFORE the Delegates voted and before the rank and file voted! This and so many other exploits were clearly discussed at length BEFORE hand in the blogosphere alone. Make no mistake, they monitored the blogs like hawks. We may never honestly ever know the real reason why our leadership sold us out. We can only guess. Hey, it doesn't have any impact on HER salary, HER benefits, HER teaching career, etc.

Sadly, this is just the beginning of a reign of terror not seen since before the union began. Shanker must be turning over in his grave. I hope those YES voters who were overwhelmed by the huge (sarcasm intended) cost of living increase feel it was worth it. I understand that most upcoming June retirees sold everyone out for themselves. However, the rest of those who are in for the long haul, who voted YES, deserve any misery, beef pies in the face, and potty duty they get. I feel terrible for the others.

The NYCDOE has no idea of what quality instruction is. If it did, it would give teachers time to actually plan for it, eliminate time wasting, ineffective, useless, staff development and implement serious class size limits.

Does anyone know why the Teamsters left the AFL-CIO? Maybe they see some writing on the wall that no one else sees.

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