Thursday, November 24, 2005

Procrastination Hurts

Going with modified free flow, I'm trying to ease my conscience. To wit, my desk is piled to over flowing with envelopes that fill my mailbox daily, all pleading for donations to this charity or that, awaiting my check and a stamp. I truly intendedto write the checks and mail them way BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Each day when opening the mail, I carefully discussed each request, with it's obligatory guilt gift (of personalized address labels, desk and wall calendars, greeting cards, etc.) with my husband. I sorted the throw outs, the may-be's, and our definite regulars. I put them in a pile on my desk so I would have them at the ready when I sat down with my checkbook and stamps.

So what happened? Why couldn't I simply sit down and get them in the mail? I have a warm home filled with all the comforts anyone could need, I have plenty of food, clothes, entertainment media, much unlike so many other people around the world. Now you understand my guilt. OK, lets review the excuses.

My desk has gotten so crowded, that I have stopped working at it, except for the computer (it has its own desktop- ha ha.) Just sitting in my wonderful, comfy ergonomic, 5 wheel chair, which once was a delight to sit in, now stresses me out. When I sit in this chair, all I can see is a wild pile of letters, envelopes, blank greeting cards, colorful address labels, and calendars, tossed in with my personal business items. One day was held off to the next, then one week to the next, and now Thanksgiving is here. Those we intended to support for the Thankgiving holiday have been tossed aside, invisible, and all too much aware that people like me have let life get in the way of sharing a little humanity. Will they be sheltered on the cold day of thanksgiving? Will there be enough food at the shelters to give them a little dining pleasure? I know that my small $18, $36, $54, etc. is a drop in the proverbial bucket and will not in and of itself make a difference. However, what about all those like me, who just didn't get the pen, checkbook and stamps in the right place, at the right time. That's where it adds up. Mea culpa...

Well, noblesse oblige. I believe in it. Those of us with roofs over our heads, food a plenty, and are reasonably healthy, are blessed, and must try to give something, in some way, to help those not as fortunate. No, I'm not a blue blood. I don't have a coffer of old money, and never hit it rich in casinos or the market. I personally do not celebrate Christmas, but appreciate the atmosphere of excitement and expectation that drifts through the air like a floating dragon. A magical dragon for the blessed, and a foreboding dragon for those not. Those hoping for help that doesn't come in a season literally coined as a season of giving, has to be devastating.

So, I resolve to get my letters, envelopes, checkbook, pen, and stamps in order, and remember that procrastination hurts.

Are there any other procrastinators out there?

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At 11/12/2008 2:04 AM, Blogger Max said...

Yeah, I'm writing a 5 page essay due tomorrow write now, procrastinating with this post. HELP MEEEEE! lol


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