Friday, November 11, 2005

Hit and Run Votes - EASY Money For Some!

I understand that everyone has to take care of themselves. June retirees want their free money, and Educational Assistants certainly were compelled to vote yes because their component was good. I just am uncomfortable with folks who promote something but really don't care at all about anyone else, and have a hidden agenda. It's suckers like me, I guess, who go by conscience and a sense of fair play. I also stand to get a piece of the action now, but could have never, in the depths of my being, campaigned to have my friends and colleagues sell themselves out, and the future of our union, so I could get a few easy dollars. Well, different strokes for different folks...

NYC Educator in NYC Educator: Slings and Arrows takes issue with the upcoming June retirees (I call them hit and run voters) who were pro-contract, and other items highlighted in Edwise.

Both are always very enlightening reads. Pay them a visit!

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