Wednesday, October 05, 2005

UFT Vote No - Protect Your Rights!

They (Weingarten and Bloomberg) are so sure that rank and file will equate "voting NO" to invoking the Taylor Law, that this will automatically be ratified.

I mean, exactly how does

* Working an extra 6-7 days (add up all the extra days and minutes)
* Not even a fair cost of living increase
* No raise -COLA's a not raises. A raise is for hard work. We don't work hard`enough yet?
* Loss of seniority/retention rights
* Zero gains on class size reform
* Give backs of decades of contract negotiation

work well for teachers?

I spoke to a good friend of mine about the ratification of this contract, and he said that it will be ratified because teachers can not afford the Taylor Law. Now I do believe, a strike has to be voted on! Voting no to this contract will not be striking. They will be forced to go back to the table and work in earnest for us- the UFT is "supposed" to be for the teachers. If I'm wrong about this please let me know.

Can anyone tell me:

* Who is physically sitting at the negotiation table on our behalf?
* What are their names?
* How were they chosen?
* What are their negotiation qualifications for this very important task?
* Do we have big guns on our side like Bloomberg has on his?

Perhaps we need a fresh negotiating team. I have no expertise in negotiation, and am probably barking up the wrong tree here, but something smells and someone besides me must smell it also...

Randi has played into the hands of the puppet master- Bloomberg in his plans to destroy the unions. Randi- Unions were created because they were needed! Without them, public/civil workers have no voice. You are silencing ours.

My heart aches for NYC teachers. Not even their union cares about them.

Lastly, in the silence of my room, I wonder how Randi sleeps at night, knowing that she, in her highly trusted leadership position, has single handedly destroyed the future of the UFT...

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