Friday, September 23, 2005

Tenure, Turnover and the Quality of Teaching - New York Times

Tenure, Turnover and the Quality of Teaching - New York Times

This is a very interesting article. It covers a broad area, however it glaringly avoids the critical issue of the wide spread policy (especially against the UFT in New York City) of NOT TREATING TEACHERS AS PROFESSIONALS!

In previous blogs I have discussed the be-littling of teachers by administrators. Supervisors snap in condescending tones to teachers in front of students and parents, walk around like fluffed peacocks, with little substance to support the posture, threatening constant harassment, (I'll be watching you every minute!) etc.

So I ask, "Who in their right mind wants to stay in a job where they are underpaid, over worked, and constantly demoralized?"
Answer: A person with a psychological need to be emotionally punished. Now that is a teacher I don't want infront of my child...

Stop the endless, relentless micro-management, give teachers an honest salary, and demand that the Administrators get their acts straightened out.

Then, one can begin to talk about teacher retention!

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