Friday, March 03, 2006

Boloomberg Plan to Cut City School Projects Is Approved - Bloomies Blame Plan

Talk about flip flopping flim-flam-men! Bloomberg really, truely, honestly cares about NYC's school children. Just not that much...

Read: Plan to Cut City School Projects Is Approved - New York Times

I wonder just how forgetful NYC voters will be. One would think that street savvy New Yorkers would recognize a flim-flam bamboozle if they saw one. However, money talks, and Bloomberg has a proven track record for shamelessly spending kazoodles of his own money to pay for target ads- WAY beyond the means of other candidates using the latest psychologucal warfare known to science. Hopefully voters will remember this from the article above:

The presence of the Council members at last night's meeting, held at Edward R. Murrow High School, hinted at the political tightrope Mr. Bloomberg is walking, as he knowingly provokes parents while betting that they will direct their displeasure not at him but at Gov. George E. Pataki and the Legislature. But the Council members are also in a bind, caught between the mayor's strategy of pressuring Albany and the demands of their constituents for much-needed new school buildings.
Chutzbah: bold and brazen. Is it fun to watch the little people squirm? It's good to be the king, right Mr. Mayor?

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