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Get Your Resume Noticed!

In this article you will learn how to create a professional resume that will target you for your desired position in the eyes of potential employers.

Technology has brought along many wonderful (and at times frustrating) advances in job seeking. Resumes are sent by the traditional snail mail (U.S. Postal Service,) email and online resume forms. Each medium has its own advantages. This article will focus on areas common to all of them, to provide you with techniques you can immediately implement, regardless of medium.

As a candidate you need to bear in mind that companies receive thousands of resumes. Each one is very briefly scanned for key words signifying that a candidate fits the basic criteria for a specific position. So how do you, Joe or Jane Candidate get YOUR resume noticed? First of all do your homework! You will see this statement repeated throughout this article. It can not be stressed strongly enough! Check out the company you want to submit your resume to. What is its primary mission? What positions are open and how can you fit in? [Do your homework!]

What form of resume do they seem to prefer? Usually, browsing their web site or a phone call to the personnel department will tell you what that preference is. It is usually a safe bet that an online resume will be positively reinforced with a follow-up with a hard copy customized resume. Pay close attention to the questions on the online resume. This will tell you what areas they are interested in. [Do your homework!]

Now for the key points:

1. Choose a professional layout, paper and type/font set.
The days of super high quality bond paper are out. Professionalism and quality content is in. Be consistent in your structure and layout. Be honest and direct.

2. Customize the cover page and resume for the specific position you are seeking.
This means taking time to plan your resume. Gather all of your information before you start to write. Remember to stay focused on the position you are applying for and how you can best fit that position. [Do your homework!]

3. Be prepared to write more than one resume.
Most likely, you will be enticed by several positions for which you are equally suited. Taking time to customize your resume for each position will be time well spent now. You will reap the benefits later with increased interview opportunities. [Do your homework!]

4. Project an image of the position you are seeking.
If you have many years of experience, have managed teams, and have degrees and/or certifications, DO NOT write that you will accept an entry level position. Use the words that exemplify the level/stature you are applying for. Instead of Programmer, use Sr. Programmer, etc.

5. Use power words.
Use power words to describe your past experience and qualifications that will specifically target you for this position. You can usually find these words (nouns, adjectives and verbs) in the ad you are responding to. If the ad states that they are looking for a team player- use team player in your resume and briefly describe how you have proven this. [Do your homework!]

6. Use job titles and specific skill titles.
Unrelated positions and skills will devalue your resume. The interviewer is scanning resumes for the key words for this position. If they are not right on top of your skill list, then they may likely go unnoticed. [Do your homework!]

7. Highlight your most valuable projects and skills as they relate to this position.
Clearly state how your skills make you perfect for this position and benefit the company. [Do your homework!] DO NOT make false claims about your skills or experience. If you get the coveted interview, it will come back to haut you. Interviewers are experienced and have heard it all. They are very skilled in identifying dishonest candidates. If you tell the truth, you may be chosen for a different position, rather than be humiliated when caught in a lie, left to leave in disgrace.

8. Do not under sell yourself.
Keep your resume focused on advancement. To move ahead, you need to utilize all of your prior experience to your maximum benefit. Use the above strategies. Submit a professional, honest resume. The image YOU project will result in the position get.[Do your homework!]

By implementing the above techniques, you will produce high quality, targeted resumes that will help you stand out from the crowd. Instead of using fancy type/fonts and gaudy graphic images, you will provide interviewers with a powerful presentation of your professional worth. Now... are you ready for that interview?

Get Your Resume Noticed! © 2000-2004 Janet R. Young All rights reserved.

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